I Forgive ImAllexx. You Should Too.

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As you’ve already learned in the preceding chapters, friends bailing on you when the hate mob attacks is par for the course. You also learned in my chapter about Primink that facts don’t matter. Yet, for some reason, ImAllexx is getting a lot of heat for abandoning his friend, Slazo, after false allegations were spread all over the internet. Watching this happen has been absolutely fascinating because I’ve noticed quite a bit of hypocrisy, and it shows how out of control cancel culture can become. There are no rules to this thing, and people just kind of play it by ear and see what the popular opinion is at the time. I do have some theories as to why ImAllexx is getting so much hate, so we’ll be revisiting some ideas from the chapter on James Charles.

Many people from the hate mob will say that I’m trying to make this story about me, and that’s okay. The purpose of this book is to examine cancel culture as a whole. With my own experience, this ImAllexx situation has been extremely confusing because it further goes to show that there is no consistency when these situations happen. Cancel culture is propelled by people who consistently take the moral high ground by calling out others for being hypocrites. The reality is that while all of the chaos is happening, nobody is interested in pointing out that the individuals in the hate mob are no better than the person they’re accusing. I hope this chapter shows everyone that when the internet gets bored and wants to stir up controversy, everyone is at risk of being canceled.

Slazo is an Australian YouTube creator who has blown up in recent years. He was at about 800,000 subscribers when his ex-girlfriend, Chey, came out with some very serious allegations against him. Although they had been broken up for a while, she felt the need to publicly come out with her story because she feared Slazo may take advantage of other women as his audience continued to grow. During a time where we’re learning to believe survivors, it was no wonder so many people like ImAllexx believed her story without question. In my opinion, you’d have to be a real dick to question someone who came out with a story like this, but it took a while for us to hear Slazo’s side of the story.

We would later found out these were jokes within their relationship.

We would later found out these were jokes within their relationship.

Twitter isn’t the best place to share a long post, so that’s where TwitLonger comes in. Chey came out with a TwitLonger post with some really serious allegations against Slazo. She accused him of taking advantage of her when she was 14 (he was 16 or 17 at the time). She also accused him of forcing her to have sex when she wasn’t comfortable with it as well as him telling her to stop taking her anti-depressant medications after she was released from a mental hospital for a suicide attempt. Not only that, but Chey had the screen shots to prove what she was saying was in fact true. We saw chat logs of Slazo saying he was going to rape her and she was going to like it.

Many smaller commentary channels started to cover this story. Hell, I covered it too. As the story started to gain traction, Slazo was silent on social media, but Keemstar from a channel called DramaAlert was able to get a statement (for those of you who don’t know who Keemstar is, his channel has over 5 million subscribers, and we’ll be discussing him a bit more later when it comes to the ImAllexx situation). In the DM that Keemstar shared, it showed Slazo telling Keemstar that he’s apologized profusely to Chey already. Again, this didn’t look good for Slazo.

It didn’t stop there. It got even worse when Chey came out with a second TwitLonger to double down on her story. In this new TwitLonger, she explains that she felt the need to give more information after seeing the conversation between Slazo and Keemstar. In her new TwitLonger, she discussed how Slazo met up with her at a hotel recently and how uncomfortable she felt. She also provided many more screen shots of Slazo seemingly begging her not to go public with her story. As someone looking at this from the outside, it really appeared as though Slazo was guilty and trying to silence Chey.

What does this have to do with ImAllexx? Well, ImAllexx and Slazo were friends (I use the word “friends” loosely because as you’ve learned, many YouTube relationships are more business than anything else). When Chey came out with her statements, ImAllexx took her side. He commented about how brave she was for coming out and sharing her story. Even though he didn’t know Chey, but he and Slazo had lived together for about a month while doing collaborations together. What would later upset people was that ImAllexx didn’t even attempt to ask Slazo for his side of the story before throwing him to the wolves.

Slazo responds with his “My Side” video.

Slazo responds with his “My Side” video.

Weeks had passed, and then Slazo finally came out with his 26-minute long video titled My Side. During his silence, he lost almost 50,000 subscribers, so it doesn’t look like ImAllexx was the only one who believed Chey. But, his silence was the best thing he could have done. Something I wish I had done when all my stuff went down was just shut my stupid mouth for a while and get my thoughts together, but I screwed myself by being an emotional idiot. I think the number one rule about being canceled is to take a week or two before you respond for the best results. I think this is because the internet news cycle moves so quickly that if you respond too quickly, you’re still caught up in the middle of your own story.

Slazo’s video was as epic as James Charles’ return video. In Slazo’s video, he came with his own set of screen shots to clear his name. What we ended up learning was these were two kids, and we were seeing a lot of playful, awkward sexts. Slazo was also able to prove that Chey lied about many details of the story like being uncomfortable with them fooling around in a movie theater on the first date when she actually initiated it. We also learned that the story at the hotel room involved Chey telling Slazo that she wanted to get back together with him if her current relationship didn’t work out.

Slazo did an incredible job clearing his name, but the damage was done. Two weeks after he released his video that has almost 900,000 views now, he’s only gained 33,000 subscribers back after losing about 50,000. This is important to note for a couple reasons. The first one is that once someone creates a narrative about you, the damage is done, and there are many people who won’t stick around to hear your side of the story. The second reason is because we have to take into account there are still people out there who don’t believe Slazo and still side with Chey, which is much like what people are trying to cancel ImAllexx over.

As my channel has made shifts to being primarily commentary, I personally feel I have a duty to update stories and publicly correct myself when I’m wrong. I made a new video about Slazo explaining that he’s pretty much cleared his name and what we can learn from it. In my video, I discussed how there were still a couple claims the Chey made that weren’t really explained, but we could pretty much verify that Slazo wasn’t a rapist or someone abusing minors. I explained that I took down my previous videos, and Slazo and I even spoke briefly in a DM.

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Soon after Slazo cleared his name, his former friend, ImAllexx, made a short Twitter video. In his video he explained that he watched Slazo’s My Side video, but he was making the decision to no longer be friends with Slazo. His reasoning was that Slazo did admit to being a controlling boyfriend, and ImAllexx didn’t like that. Personally, I wouldn’t do what ImAllexx did, but I’m not him. I also empathize because like you read in previous parts of this book, I’ve had people decide not to associate with me for far less than that.

It didn’t take long for the hate mob to put ImAllexx in their cross hairs, and as usual, it was started by commentary channels creating a rage-filled story for people to get behind. This is what’s extremely interesting about internet culture these days. The mob is either right or wrong, but there’s no accountability for the mob, but there is accountability for the people in the spotlight like Alex. I would almost guarantee that many of the same people who attacked Slazo initially are the same people playing both sides and started going after ImAllexx. The problem is that when you’re in the middle of the hate mob, nobody is going to call you out on this. It’s the same reason people loot during protests and riots; the attention is elsewhere. Everyone just moves on to the new person they want to be furious with rather than sitting back and asking themselves if any of this is at all healthy.

First, let’s talk about how people are calling out ImAllexx for his videos on the James Charles situation. Initially, the same thing happened like it did with Slazo. Tati Westbrook came out with her accusations against James Charles, and everyone took her side; not just ImAllexx. When the story developed, and we learned that Jeffree Star also talked about getting with straight boys as well as later when James Charles made his comeback video, ImAllexx updated the story. People were calling out ImAllexx for profiting off of his original videos that were up about the James Charles situation.

One of the biggest problems with cancel culture, is you’re never going to make everyone happy. People think ImAllexx should have removed his old James Charles video, but that doesn’t work. From my own experience as well as watching others, if you delete a video, people will just say you’re trying to erase history or hide something. In the YouTube community, people hold amateur commentary channels to a higher standard than we hold real journalists. Journalists regularly update stories, but they don’t wipe the internet clean of the previous versions of the story.

The key takeaway from this chapter is that those who rile up the hate mob are extremely hypocritical. If you’re familiar with this ImAllexx situation, I would challenge you to go through the video libraries of everyone making videos about ImAllexx and see if they’ve deleted videos of old stories that were proven to be inaccurate. The reality is that none of these commentary channels have to worry about that because the attention is on ImAllexx, but trust me, if some of these channels blow up, the mob will have no problem going after them, and I wish more creators understood this.

This story has irritated me to no end. As someone who is in the community and does commentary, I follow these stories even though I don’t want to because I can see how fickle the community is as a whole. Some big players like Kavos and Keemstar came out to really give the ImAllexx hate the nitro boost it needed to really turn people against him. Both Kavos and Keemstar have been holding onto grudges against ImAllexx for years and decided this was the perfect opportunity to get their revenge and “show what an awful person ImAllexx is”. With Keemstar having over five million subscribers and Kavos having over one million, it gave many others the permission to start attacking ImAllexx as well.

I mentioned in an earlier chapter that I don’t want any hate going towards anyone, and I’ll say that again. If you participate in cancel culture after reading this book, you missed the entire point. I wouldn’t want this to happen to my worst enemy. So, as I watch this ImAllexx situation go down, I can’t help but wonder what Slazo thinks about it. He had the whole internet turn against him, and I’m sure he was extremely hurt much like I was when people he considered friends turned on him. While I’m sure a very small part of Slazo is happy ImAllexx is getting some heat, I would be willing to bet that Slazo doesn’t want Alex to go through the same situation he went through.

The part that is frustrating to watch is that the community is focusing on a few key points:

  • Don’t spread misinformation

  • Don’t judge someone based on misinformation

  • Don’t stop being friends with someone over misinformation

I’m not going to name names, but I’m actively watching people who did the same thing to me now try to publicly shame ImAllexx.

There’s this medium tier of the commentary community that consists of creators who have anywhere from 10s of thousands of subscribers to a few hundred thousand. This community often bands together to create the moral standards of the internet with claims of holding others accountable. They see it as their duty to hold larger creators like ImAllexx accountable while nobody is holding them accountable. They’re able to shift their moral standards on a regular basis without anyone noticing, but I do.

When Primink came out with his original video about me, I proved that without a doubt his video was poorly researched and lazy. The problem is, Primink is in that community with these medium tier channels. They all took his side, and many of these commentary channels dislike me now even though I proved how wrong Primink was. These are now the same people attacking ImAllexx for spreading misinformation or not having the back of a fellow creator. When you’re sitting where I am, this is absolutely mind blowing. Again, there are no rules when it comes to cancel culture. You pick your side of the hate mob and hope nobody notices how hypocritical you are.

At the end of the day, I forgive ImAllexx. He fucked up just like each and every one of us. I forgive him in the same way I forgive every person who helped perpetuate the false narratives and lies that were spread about me. I forgive him the same way I forgive every creator out there picking sides to gain popularity rather than reflecting on their own mistakes in the past. Am I a little salty? Absolutely, but forgiveness is a process, and even after we forgive, it still hurts. The purpose of this chapter is to show that cancel culture is fueled by hypocrites who are just as susceptible as the rest of us to having the hate mob turn on them.

I’m sure ImAllexx has learned a lot from this situation just as I have, but much like the rest of my content, I wish people would learn from the mistakes from others. The problem is, that everyone thinks they’re invincible much like a child who is reckless and lacks life experience. I guarantee in the coming months or even years, many of the people attacking ImAllexx are going to find themselves in the exact same situation as they get stories wrong, pick the wrong side and gain enough eyeballs for people to care enough to cancel them.

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Chris Boutte