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Sober Coaching

Sobriety can be a difficult journey, and you should never do it alone. There are a wide range of ways to get sober, and it’s important to know that a variety of options exist. Chris has been clean and sober since June 23, 2012, and he has worked in the drug and alcohol treatment helping people find their personal path to recovery.

With sobriety coaching, you’ll work with Chris to find what option of sobriety works best for you. This can involve the following as well as more:

  • 12-Step Programs

  • Non-step programs such as SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery and more

  • Secular and independent recovery

  • Living a mentally healthy lifestyle

  • Learning to set boundaries with others

  • Repairing relationships with loved ones

  • Accountability for achieving goals

Whether you’re someone who is just getting sober or you have some time under your belt, sober coaching can help you to maintain your sobriety and overcome different challenges that come along with living a sober lifestyle.

No matter what you’re currently struggling with in your sobriety, sober coaching can help you to overcome these challenges.


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